Your work attire is the most important section of your wardrobe. Not only do you spend more time at work then your free time, but work is also where impressions really count. Wearing a sharp suit can make you look great, but these days being overdressed or underdressed can affect how your co-workers and management see you. At some companies, CEO’s wear birkenstocks to work, and look down at their employees for wearing a tie to the office. At others, the rules haven’t changed much, especially if you work on Wall Street. With such a wide range of dress codes either formally given or just expected, it can be hard to figure out where you should be in the spectrum.

The Formal Job

Your job requires formality. You’re in a company that’s older, established, and has high expectations of you beyond your workload. It’s a suit and tie kind of place, and some might consider this is a boring and non-creative clothing environment.  But for you the fun is all in the accessories. You can keep your wardrobe simple and formal but stylish by adding modern touches like a great watch. We suggest our Steel Mesh Round Face Watch, which is elegant and classic with a modern minimalist face. Even better, add a colorful silk tie to dress up your look. We just added a new collection of modern silk ties, a little skinnier than your average tie that keeps your look modern. 

The Semi-Casual Workplace

You’re a professional who works in an office but you aren’t required to wear a suit and tie every day. You may need one for your client presentations or meetings, but for your day-to-day, you can get away with a dress shirt worn without a tie. We suggest our shirts with a cutaway collar, which can be a little more formal than a button down or band collar but has a stylish flair when worn without a tie. When the dress code does require a tie, try going with a corduroy option. Its skinny, modern and textured, and devoid of that traditional FIDI look.


The Casual Workplace

You’re most likely at a startup, tech company, creative or younger company.  At your workplace formality is not a concern. The office is filled with comfort and an emphasis on creating quality work with a non-traditional business model. This is no place for a tie, unless you’re the quirky hipster who wants to be the office dandy (we have you guys covered- check out our floral ties!). We suggest a shirt from our flannel shirt collection.  These shirts are thick and buttery soft, the type of shirt you will want to comfortably wear every day. Perfect year round, wear them alone as the AC blasts in the summer or layered with our knit bomber jackets during the colder months.

April 04, 2017 by Jeffrey Zhang

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