ShanghaiCityGuideSpectre & Co. is a New York City based company with roots in Shanghai. We proudly manufacture in Shanghai with talented and seasoned artisans and craftsmen. We are a family that produces high quality clothing with pedigrees from renowned designer brands and we believe menswear should be affordable and have all the details and qualities luxury brands use. Shanghai is not only our second home, but it is a beautiful city to visit. The city is constantly changing and evolving; each trip we take back we discover something new.  Here is our mini travel guide to Shanghai and what to wear.


Shanghai’s Xintiandi is a recent urban renewal project that repurposed old Shikumen-style houses into a dining, shopping, and entertainment mecca with the best restaurants and concept shops. Literally meaning “New Heaven and Earth,” and completed in 2002, it is a refined cluster of traditionally styled Shanghai brick town houses. Arranged along a two-block pedestrian street, the complex is filled with restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, and luxury boutiques, including Comme des Garçons and Christian Dior.

What to wear to Xintiandi: Xintiandi is one of the trendiest spots in Shanghai, but there's no reason to overdress. It's also a huge area, so dress for comfort. One of our Spring Flannel Shirts, along with some slim dark jeans, and some comfortable sneakers is perfect for a stylish outing to this great shopping and dining area. Also, throw on one of our Bomber Jackets, Vests, or Trench Coats during a cooler day.

Bar Constellation 1ConstellationOne of our favorite places to relax in all of Shanghai, Bar Constellation is a low-key whiskey bar that is a local favorite. Although it has expanded to six separate locations, Constellation 1, the original, still holds considerable charm with its quiet ambience and refined drink menu. Although it’s hard to classify Bar Constellation as a “hidden gem” anymore, due to its popularity, it’s still one of the best places for a relaxed evening. With over 500 single malts in stock, this is the place to go to if you’re a serious (or not so serious) whiskey drinker.

What to wear to Bar Constellation 1: There's no dress code at Constellation, but if any night calls for suiting up, it's the night you decide to hit up this classy lounge. Dust off your suit and pair it with one of our White Semi-spread Dress Shirts, one of our new Floral Silk Ties. Don't forget to accessorize with a Pocket Square!

The Bund
The Bund is a famous walkable embankment along the west of the Huangpu River that takes in stunning architecture, as well as views of the futuristic and neon Lujiazui financial area, dominated by the 469-metre Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

What to wear on your walk on the Bund: A walk along the Bund is perfect for warmer weather days. Like many coastal cities, Shanghai is cold in the winter and extremely hot and humid during the Summer. It's important to be stylish, but also comfortable. Our Summer weight Short Sleeve Linen Shirts are perfect for a stroll along the embankment. Pair them with a just-above-the-thigh length pair of shorts and some lightweight sneakers, and you'll be taking in the sights in style and comfort!

March 21, 2017 by Jeffrey Zhang

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