What is Italian Leather and why do so many high-end brands use it?

“Real Italian Leather” simply means leather that was produced in Italy. Italian leather is so highly regarded is because of it’s quality and the use of the best craftsman practices. Typically Italian leather is classically produced with a process called vegetable tanning. Vegetable tanning uses natural tannins found in tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots, that are extracted and mixed with tanning recipes to give the leather a distinct color and high quality durability. The process changes the raw protein in the animal hides into leather that is  long-lasting. Compared to other processes that involve chemicals, vegetable tanning is known for it's natural process and craftsmanship.

When looking for leather for our designs, we choose the highest quality. Not only do we care about the leather but we carefully select durable stitching and hardware. Your leather pieces should last for many years. Over the time the leather softens and takes on the various shades of wear but still maintains its rich color and durability.  
May 23, 2017 by Jeffrey Zhang

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