When it comes to ties, there are just about a million different ways to tie one. We here at Spectre & Co., however, are big proponents of the four-in-hand knot. In fact, we think it’s the only knot you need to know how to tie. Forget your Windsors, double Windsors, half Windsors, and Eldredge knots

We also get asked all the time: what's the best tie knot to tie for your cutaway collars? Contrary to popular belief, it's not the Windsor. It's the four-in-hand. As pictured above, you don't need a fat knot to pair with our signature cutaway collar.

The four-in-hand is the simply the best way to knot up. Unlike its dressier, more symmetrical cousin the Windsor knot, which can come off as an affectation that is too premeditated, the four-in-hand is asymmetrical, unfussy, but still stylish. It's also easier to tie than the rest! Here, we’ll teach you how to tie one:


Speaking of ties and knots, we’ve also just released a brand new collection of gingham dress shirts and silk ties! Check out a few of our favorites below, and take a look at the whole collection over at our shirts and ties sections!


March 18, 2017 by Jeffrey Zhang

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