With every item we create, we strive for high quality and good design: no gimmicks, no trends, pieces that simply stand the test of time. Since we launched our Trench Coat, it has been our best selling item. Time and time again customers come back to tell us it’s their favorite item in their wardrobe.

A trench coat is a classic menswear staple, so when looking for the perfect trench coat there are many factors to keep in mind. Yes, water resistance is a bonus but beyond that; is it easy to wear? Can you wear it with a suit? Can you wear it when you run errands in your sweatpants on the weekends?  Will it be easy to travel with? These are the details that are going to take your trench coat from being another piece of outerwear to a piece you use year round for any occasion. At Spectre & Co, great design means versatility. Here are three details that make our trench great:

When it came to the fabric of our trench coat, we wanted something that was durable, weather resistant, as well as breathable. We went with a Japanese performance fabric that is lightweight, water resistant, and with a little give and stretch for a great fit.

The modern silhouette of our trench coat was an important design factor for us. Many traditional trench coats can sometimes be stuffy, floor-length, and shapeless. We wanted something that conveyed a modern sensibility, so we opted for a mid-thigh length. Something more sophisticated and stylish without being dated.  TrenchDetailsWe here at Spectre & Co. always like to imbue our products with little touches that separate us from other brands. For our trench coat, we added some subtle orange accents (our signature color) to the buttons and buttonholes, and we added a removable catch in the sleeve to block the wind on stormy days. Shop the trench here.

March 24, 2017 by Jeffrey Zhang

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