Spectre & Co. Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's day is Sunday, June 18th, and we have so many items that are perfect for Dad.  Picking a gift for your father can be difficult, if yours is like ours they say they don't want anything. Picking a gift for them may seem impossible.  Get Dad a gift that's simple, and can easily fit into every man's wardrobe, not just a bunch of athletic socks from your local discount store. Use our handy gift guide to see what best selling items make the perfect gift to say thanks to your old man! Here are some of our most popular gift ideas for Father's day:
This has long been our best selling item! We have men of all ages who rave about our trench coat.  The waterproof Japanese fabric is lightweight, breathable, and has a little bit of stretch for when you want to wear it over layers.  Dad doesn't even know how much he will love this trench coat! 
Dad probably already has his go-to watch, but if he wants an update our watches are great.  The face is super minimal and thin. These watches are great for everyday wear or to be worn with a suit.  

You have probably given Dad plenty of ties over the years.  These silk ties are unique and updated from what he may already own.  A little bit thinner than his other ties, but these will keep Dad feeling young and cool.  

This is a classic item for any guy at any age.  Does Dad have an old belt that he has been wearing forever that needs to be retired?  This vegetable tanned brown leather belt will last dad another 20 years.
June 04, 2017 by Jeffrey Zhang

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