Within the last two years, Spectre & Co. has grown to become much more than just a shirting company. What started out as just an online store for affordable shirting has grown into a full-fledged menswear business with offerings in accessories, outerwear, and leather goods. However, our roots have always been in quality men's shirting, and that has not changed.

Whether it's a solid shirt that anchors the entire look, or a bright pattern that's the standout in the ensemble, the dress shirt is oftentimes the centerpiece of a man's outfit. This is the reason that we take the utmost care and pride in crafting our shirts. Here's a deeper look at what makes a Spectre & Co. shirt unique:

  1. Fabric: Every fabric for every shirt is hand chosen by our design team. We procure our fabrics from all over the world, from Italian broadcloths to Japanese poplins, and we take great care in selecting the most comfortable and highest quality fabrics. All of our shirts are 100% high thread count two-ply cotton, and are made in a completely vertically integrated process. That means that from the mill to your doorstep, it's all under one roof and every stitch, button, and detail falls under the same standard of quality.

  2. Collar: The collar is the centerpiece of a shirt, and brings together an outfit. Our shirt collars are worthy of that title and distinction. Made with an extra-sturdy interlining, our collars are strong and substantial, and hold up well to repeated washing, ironing, and wear. The extra care we put into construction also combats the dreaded "pancake-collar" syndrome, where flimsy collars feel thin and weak, and sloppily slip under jacket lapels. Our collars stand proud and tall when going tie-less, and will never collapse under your suit. All of our traditional spread and cutaway collar shirts come with removable, standard-size collar stays for a sharper, professional look.

  3. Pattern Matching: Our patterned shirts also feature artisan-level pattern matching, where different pieces of a patterned shirt are sewn together in a way where the the design and pattern are seamless and uninterrupted. Matching the fabric in this manner provides seamless and continuous lines that don't disrupt the pattern of the shirt. From the yoke to the sleeve, both sides of the center placket to each other, and the sleeve placket to the sleeve, our shirts are carefully pattern-matched for a great looking garment.

  4. Fit: We spent a lot of time researching and implementing dress shirt fit, and we strive to provide the perfect balance between comfort and style. Our slim fit shirts are made with less fabric in the waist and the torso for a leaner silhouette that always flatters. As men become more discerning dressers, it becomes our responsibility to provide shirting that eschews bad habits of modern garment production in regards to fit; we fight to prevent billowing sleeves, blousing waists, and flyaway collars.

  5. Cuff: We specialize in the double button barrel cuff. The simplest and most comfortable of shirt cuffs, the double button barrel cuff is the standard on all of our dress shirts. With two adjustable sizes, it's sure to fit the wrist of any man.

  6. Stitch: The production team here at Spectre & Co. have over 100 years of combined experience in garment-making, and it shows in our needlework. Tight and high-density with 22 stitches per inch, our stitching ensures a stronger shirt that lasts longer and looks cleaner.

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March 02, 2017 by Jeffrey Zhang

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